How to Secure your Wifi from Unwanted Acess

In this Article we will see  how to allow only selected device to connect on your wifi

As we know Nowadays most of all have Wireless router in your home office or campus.therefore it is also  important to challenge for everyone to secure your wifi from hackers as well as from  computer expert.

Many Android Application are theire in Play Store that claim to crack your wifi key and gain acess to your by this method if anyone crack also your password they not able to connect to wifi

So in this tutorial we are come up with the solution for that how to protect from hackers and allow only selected ones to acess or say connect to your wifi

Lets start with the procedure to secure wifi from hackers

Step 1. Log in to your Router ip address or

Step 2. Enter your Router username and password

Step 3. Npw go to Wireless > Wireless MAC Filtering

Step 4. Now click on enable in Wireless MAC Filtering bydefault it is is Disabled mode

Step 5. In Filtering Rules click on Allow then Click on Add New

Step 6. Now it will look like below here in MAC Address type Mac address of the device that you want to allow

To find MAC Address of Laptop/Computer open Command Prompt > type ipconfig/all

To find MAC Addres of Mobile Device go to Setting >About Phone>Status

Step 7. Now click on Save and Reboot your Router and you are done.



It is clearly explain in above Step How to Secure your Wifi and Allow only Selected device to connect on your Wifi.By this method you secure your Wifi from hackers and also save lot off bandwidth.

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